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Better vision care is coming into focus

No co-pays, no insurance hoops to jump through, no hassles.

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Eyewear Credits

  • $150
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Complete. Affordable. Easy.

XP Health makes it easy to get the most out of your vision benefits, whether you have a prescription or not. XP Health's online vision benefits platform is your home for personalized eyewear and vision services.

Level up your eye health

XP Health's platform lets you handle your eye health needs in one place. Easily find in-person eye exams, take an online vision acuity test to renew your prescription online, find glasses that are personalized to you.1

Benefit Credits for You and Your Family Members

We provide you and dependents access to use on prescription glasses, sunglasses, computer glasses, or contact lenses of your choice.

Member Exclusive Pricing

Get the best quality frames without the heavy retail markup or confusing in-store shopping experience. On average, we can save you close to $150-200 out of pocket on glasses when compared to traditional vision plans.

Easy online frame shopping

Our AI face-scanning technology takes the guesswork out of choosing new glasses — it can recommend the perfect pair for your face. And once you pick your perfect pair, we'll send them directly to your door with just a few clicks so you can try before you buy.

1 For participating employers who offer XP Total Vision Care plans only

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