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Driving 13x ROI in Vision Benefits

How Sequoia Consulting Group provides a new vision care standard with XP Health


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About Sequoia

Sequoia Consulting Group is a consulting and services company that uses technology to unify, streamline, and elevate the HR function. For more than 19 years, Sequoia has partnered with companies to balance the needs of their business with the needs of their people through workforce data insights, expert guidance, and their global community’s shared knowledge.

The challenge

As the world shifted to remote work during COVID-19, many of Sequoia’s +400 team members had reported experiencing digital eye strain and headaches after staring at screens for prolonged periods each day. While team members wanted to care for their eyes, many felt that the process of purchasing glasses through traditional methods was confusing and daunting, especially with many clinics closed during shelter in place mandates. Going to get an eye exam required time-consuming trips to optical retailers, an overwhelming selection of frames, and high out-of-pocket costs. On top of that, they were looking to minimize contact and avoid in-person appointments during the pandemic.

Another issue they faced was that while Sequoia had one of the best vision insurance plans available, it didn’t cover non-prescription glasses, meaning that the 50% of Sequoia team members who had 20/20 vision could not use their allowance to buy a pair of anti-glare, UV and blue-light protecting computer glasses. Moreover, many of the doctor-recommended lens team members wanted, such as anti-glare coating, UV protection, durable polycarbonate lenses, and blue-light filters, were not covered in full by Sequoia’s vision insurance plan.

While vision care is one of the most critical healthcare benefits, Sequoia team members’ utilization at Sequoia was low. Few team members were getting the eye care they needed, while Sequoia paid for a benefit that hardly was being used.

The solution

In order to help solve all these problems, Sequoia partnered with XP Health to offer an innovative vision benefits solution to their team members. The setup was simple, with no upfront costs. In a couple of weeks, XP Health customized a version of its platform with Sequoia’s brand - no integration or change management was necessary as XP Health was added on top of Sequoia’s existing vision benefits. After this, a launch webinar for team members was hosted by Sequoia and XP Health, after which team members were given access to the benefit.

From the XP Health platform, team members could leverage XP Health’s AI-powered facial recognition technology to receive personalized recommendations for the best frames based on facial dimensions. They could then choose up to six frames that were delivered directly to their homes; team members were able to try on frames and order their favorites online. After this, the glasses they ordered were sent to them, all with free shipping and free returns.

Sequoia chose an XP Health plan that covered $150 for each of three pairs of glasses per year for team members and up to five additional family members - for a total of $2,700 in savings on up to 18 pairs of prescription and non-prescription glasses discount cards per employee and their family members purchased from the XP Health platform. Members were able to apply those discount cards toward prescription and non-prescription glasses purchased from the XP Health platform.

XP Health helps remote team members get access to innovative, high-quality vision benefits at a low cost. My family and I loved being able to buy new glasses without leaving our couch!”

- Greg Golub, CEO, Sequoia Consulting Group

The results

With XP Health, Sequoia was able to provide innovative, competitive vision benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional vision plans.

Team members enjoyed a modern, online experience of buying new glasses from the convenience of their homes. In the first six weeks, 80 team and family members purchased glasses from XP Health’s platform, saving an average of $275. This represented a combined $22,000 in savings, driving more than 13X ROI for Sequoia compared to the company’s investment. And by reducing eye strain and eliminating trips back and forth to a physical optometrist’s office or retail glasses store, Sequoia team members increased their productivity.

XP Health was a welcome addition to Sequoia’s benefits offering. In a survey with Sequoia team members, 100% of respondents said they wanted XP Health to continue to be offered as a benefit.

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What Sequoia Team Members Have to Say

Daren Spears Recruiting Coordinator,
Sequoia Consulting Group

“After three years of searching for the perfect glasses, XP Health helped me finally find not one but two pairs of Ray-Bans at incredible prices—without leaving my home.”

Robby Peters VP Business Development,
Sequoia Consulting Group

“My entire family used the platform and we all loved it. It’s easy to see why XP Health is the new standard of vision benefits.”

Kaleana Quibell Wellbeing Director,
Sequoia Consulting Group

“I tried on, ordered, and received my glasses within a matter of days... Can't recommend the process enough.”

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