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The next frontier in vision care is here

By partnering with XP Health, you'll remove the costly, time-consuming barriers employees face when trying to use their vision benefits and instead offer a seamless, all-in-one experience they'll love.

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The XP Health difference

Our AI-powered technology modernizes the online glasses buying experience and reduces traditional barriers to access. Whether finding providers for an in-person eye exam, updating a prescription online, or buying designer frames directly from our marketplace, our all-in-one benefits platform makes it easy.

Flexible Solution: Easily integrate or add as standalone

  • 100% coverage

    XP Health is for all employees

  • ~$200 less in out of pocket costs

    Employees pay significantly less than traditional plans for glasses

  • +72 NPs

    Top-rated experience for you and them

Choose what works best for your organization. XP Health has two plans to boost your vision benefits, improve employee eye health, and help everyone save money:

XP Virtual Vision Care

Access to our artificial intelligence powered platform that enables members to get personalized recommendations of eyewear in minutes.

XP Total Vision Care

In addition to the XP Virtual Vision Care experience, employees can also easily renew a prescription online or schedule and get an in-person eye exam.

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Getting started is easy

XP Health partners with your team to ensure your organization can begin using the XP Health platform as quickly as you'd like. We have Single Sign on and can work with any employer specific process involving security or privacy.

  • Add XP Health to your Vision benefits

    Whether you enhance a traditional vision plan or replace it with XP Health, we work with you to get eligibility information, customize marketing assets, and determine the optimal launch plan.

  • Seamless employee engagement

    We partner with you to build excitement about XP Health. Employees log into a secure portal where we showcase how to easily get in-person exams or use our AI engine for face scans for the perfect pair of glasses.

  • We handle the rest

    Employees and their family members schedule in-person eye exams or renew prescriptions online, choose up to 3 pairs of glasses from the online store. We'll share engagement and other data so you can see our value.

How Sequoia drives 13x ROI in vision benefits with XP Health

While vision care is one of the most critical healthcare benefits, Sequoia team members' utilization at Sequoia was low. Few team members were getting the eye care they needed, while Sequoia paid for a benefit that was seldom used. Here's how XP Health helped:


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