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The world’s only AI-powered vision benefits platform. Highly secure, fully encrypted.

A problem made for AI

When it comes to choosing new frames, the options can be overwhelming. The styles are seemingly endless, the color options extensive, the prices completely variable—and you also have to make sure the dimensions fit and flatter your face!

Eyewear manufacturing companies estimate there are over 250,000 unique models of frames. Not everyone has the time, patience, or even desire to look through thousands of frames to find the right ones. We quickly realized this was a problem that could be helped by bringing in AI.

Let our Frame Profile search thousands of designs to suggest the perfect pair of glasses for your face.

Our technology

Our proprietary Face Scan is built on a convolutional neural network (CNN)—the same technology that enables self-driving cars—combined with computer vision, the technology of how computers process visual information. Our model has been trained on over 30,000 individual faces to identify the dimensions of your face that matter most when choosing frames with 98% accuracy.

Our Frame Profile then cross-references inputs from your facial dimensions and style preferences with the best-selling frames to suggest the best options for you. Once you’ve had a chance to browse this much more manageable selection, you can choose to have 6 frames sent to your house. This enables you to try the frames on in person and make the final decision based on both the look and feel of the glasses before committing to your perfect pair.

We use field level database encryption and secure HTTPS data transmissions to meet HIPAA data security standards. Our system is integration-ready and requires no change management, no programming or expert knowledge.

Continuously improving

The best part about our technology is that it’s continually improving. Our recommendation system gets better with each use, updating our deep learning model to provide the best recommendations for you and your family, with the goal of helping millions of people in the future to more effectively take care of their vision.