XP Health is Trusted By Top Companies

Lynne Oldham
Chief People Officer
"My entire family used the platform and we all loved it. XP Health is the new standard of vision benefits."
Jeff Epstein
Board Member
"Magical! Everyone should have this!"
Rebecca Ambriz
Chief of Staff
"Everyone is super excited. You're making a lot of people's lives better so they can see a little bit better."
Sheila Goodman
Director of Events
"My eyes are not straining anymore. I feel more productive and I wear my glasses all the time!"
[The experience] was incredible, it exceeded expectations. The speed, the efficiency, the knowledge, the expertise... invaluable!”
The experience was great. Even though I don't have bad vision, I got a pair of blue-light glasses. It was fun!”
The experience was really great - super professional, great technology and now I can see even better.”
Great experience - I got a lot of value from it."
Thank you so much! XP Health has the best customer service, thank you!"
Amazing benefit. I’m happy something like this existence! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’d definitely use them again!”
Speedy, helpful, empathetic, and delivered great results. Can’t wait to show my boyfriend my new frames.”
I tried on, ordered, and received my glasses within a matter of days... Can't recommend the process enough.”
XP Health helps remote employees get access to innovative, high-quality vision benefits at a low cost. My family and I loved being able to buy new glasses without leaving our couch!”
I love what XP Health offers. They are becoming the new standard for vision benefits - very high ROI for companies that want to help remote employees reduce eye strain and improve productivity.”
Buying glasses online was a brand new experience for me and I must say it was unique - from the selection of the frame over the delivery of the product to my door.”
My entire family used the platform and we all loved it. It’s easy to see why XP Health is the new standard of vision benefits.”
My husband and I both ordered glasses with our XP Health benefit and love them! The process to order was super simple and we got our glasses really fast.”
This is an amazing benefit, especially now since my dependent child needs Rx glasses and we have already utilized his VSP benefit.”
This is a great product with a lot of potential, and I'm excited to see how it matures.”
Easy to use purchase process, quick delivery, and great glasses at an affordable price.”
Your customer service is great!”
Thanks for the new gasses! The recommendation for frames turned out great :)”
The live chat really helps a lot! Customer service are great! I was able to get all the help I needed! One thing I would like to see on the website is to have the option to choose the size and the color.”
Liked the fast shipping and responsiveness of customer service.”
Love my new classes and appreciate that the customer support responded quickly a problem with my order.”
Amazing service thank you!”
Definitely a noticeable difference in wearing while working on pc for long hours versus not wearing!”
XP Health provides amazing customer service! I can’t wait to use my new glasses and will definitely refer XP Health to family and friends!”
Excellent customer service and the glasses fit great! I’m very excited about this product!”
Superb customer service all around!”
Thanks so much for making it easy!”
Great, hospitable team who style you according to your preferences. Awesome idea. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
Amazing experience with great people, was so so helpful and I m super happy to have blue lights glasses soon!”
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